Nutrition Value Of Dokudami – Offering You A Healthy Body

When it comes to the nutrition value of dokudami, it is first important to know where the plant comes from. You can find this herb in Asian countries such as Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China. Since this plant is a perennial you can count on this herb to grow and even bloom during all seasons of the year. The interesting attribute about this specific plant is that it has a fishy smell when you rub on the leaves. It grows quickly as well as in dark and moist areas. Since this plant has a strong scent, there are many medical records from the early history of Asia that speak of this fish smelling plant.

Since the name of this plant, dokudami has the meaning of ‘poison blocking plant’ many have looked to it for medical needs. Within the country of Japan, this is one of the most popular herbs used for medicinal and many other nutritional purposes. To receive the most nutrition value of dokudami, it can be used dried or fresh. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is dried state, using it in tea is the most common. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is fresh, there are many more applications. Fresh dokudami can be put into warm bath water, directly eaten and rubbed on the skin. When in the fresh state, this herb can also be used as a garnish for a meal.

If you are looking for dokudami while in an Asian country, there will be some distinct characteristics you will find. The leaves of this herb are shaped like a heart. Normally the leaves will be anywhere from two to four inches long and one to four inches wide. This is a strong plant that can grow in low light as well as in the water. The plant will be around ten to forty inches tall. You can find beautiful yellow and green flowers on the dokudami plant and the stems will be white in color.

The Nutrition value of dokudami plants can truly help with many different medicinal needs. It can remove toxins from your body, help with allergies and asthma and be an anti-inflammatory as well as give the immune system support and fight off bacteria. When you use a natural herbal remedy such as dokudami, you will be helping your body become healthier. Healthiness is brought about through a thorough cleansing.

Strive For Better Health With Sustainable Healthcare

In India, health care is one of the most rapidly growing industries, both in terms of employment and generation of revenue. The most important force behind the growth is attributed to the continuously increasing population. Another factor that contributes to the growing healthcare sector is the growth in the number of infectious and unending degenerative diseases. The diseases like AIDS and several others that are related to lifestyle are becoming more widespread in India.

Health care Infrastructure
To manage the ever growing health care requirements appropriate and sustainable healthcare training and facilities are required. The existing healthcare system in many parts of the country is still not up to the mark. The government and various players in the private sectors are putting in a lot of effort to make medical facilities available to the people living in the remote corners of the country who have been deprived of the same for years. But sustainable healthcare is not a short term goal that can be reached quickly. It requires planning, designing, building infrastructure, a great amount of finances, medical expertise, volunteers and follow ups. The process is complex and needs a lot of commitment from the government as well as other stake holders.

Awareness is the Key to Health
But before facilities can be provided and infrastructures built, it is also very important to make the masses aware about different health issues. Without dissemination of knowledge about healthy lifestyle and basic hygiene, no amount of medical care will help the populace in the long run. Over the years various healthcare projects have been taken up by the government and various private sectors who want to play a part in raising the living standard of the society. These projects not only provide medical care but also make people aware about causes of diseases and methods of avoiding them.

Some of the Burning Issues

Some of the major health issues in India result from

Lack of clean and safe drinking water
Poor sanitation facilities
Poor waste management
Reproductive health of women
Lack of proper vaccination

Awareness and availability of proper health care facilities are the two main tools that can reduce the burden of common man that arise from health related issues. Healthcare Projects are a necessity mostly in the rural areas as more than half of the population reside in villages that are devoid of even basic medical infrastructural facilities. Mother and child care, vaccination facilities, family planning programmes, sex education, basic health and hygiene guidance, proper sanitary conditions are all issues that need to be well planned and designed into projects to be executed in rural India.

However only designing and commencing Healthcare projects would not serve its goal until they are managed properly with a view of making them sustainable healthcare systems. Along with building a base for health care facilities, disseminating knowledge among the masses is also of vital importance. This can only be ensured through spread of education and awareness. Illiteracy is one of the root causes of poverty and poverty leads to poor health conditions. Illiteracy and poverty form a vicious cycle that is very difficult to break. Low levels of literacy push people towards poverty which in turn gives rise to poor health conditions. Sustainable Healthcare thus cannot stand alone without spreading awareness among the masses.

Steps To Very Good Health

Everybody wants to be as healthy as possible but not everyone has the time to do the required amount of exercise to get there. This is one of the reasons that the ten thousand step approach has become well-liked. The ten thousand step method is an idea that says all you need to try and do to increase your health is to walk at least ten thousand steps every day–this way you won’t have to work out as intensely at the gym. Walking can be great physical exercise and very low impact. How often have you heard a physician say “just a single walk around the block helps your health”?

Obviously walking ten thousand steps every single day is not going to be simple. That’s a huge amount of steps to take! The good news is that you’re already likely taking ten thousand steps everyday without realizing it. What you need to do is figure out how to incorporate a few more thousand steps to get to the objective. So how can you do that without feeling just like you’re wasting an entire day walking about?

Increasing your current step count can be achieved easily using these obvious methods. One typical example of this is climbing the stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator. You may also elect to park far from the front door of the store or the mall. Keep your car in one spot and walk your bags and boxes out to the car after you finish shopping in each store instead of just carrying more and more things with you as you run your errands and go shopping. Taking public transit can also increase your step count as you need to walk to your bus or train stop and then back home instead of just walking to your car. The greatest way to do it, of course, would be to just take a short walk each day.

You could also boost the volume of steps you take by using some less than apparent methods. Set up a grocery store shopping list differently. Plenty of people plan lists by the aisles in their preferred stores. Instead, plan your list into unique categories like produce, dairy and meat. Then go shopping as outlined by the order on the list. Sure you may end up running back and forth through the store nonetheless it’s great for taking more steps every day. Instead of getting a mail box inside your door or attached to your house, install it on a post near to the curb. This can easily add a minimum of one or two dozen steps to your count when you check the mail every day.

There are lots of ways to take additional steps everyday. The more used to thinking about 10,000 steps you get the easier it will likely be for you to figure out how to meet your goal. Thankfully, each and every step you take–whether it’s walking toward the refrigerator or jogging on a treadmill, counts toward your end step count goal. Have fun with it!

Powerful Ways Chlorella Keeps You Healthy

One of my favorite recommendations for all my patients is the tiny alga, chlorella.

And the reason I recommend it to everyone is that it has so many ways of helping you stay healthy. You can get over a dozen health benefits from this one little plant. Everyone I recommend it to finds different ways it supports their health.

Want to know more? Here I’ve listed 5 different ways it helps . . . although there’s at least 3 times that number of health benefits.

Get Rid Of Toxins With Chlorella

From mercury to cadmium to nickel to dioxin, chlorella has been shown again and again to increase the rate at which your body gets rid of toxins. In a Japanese study, chlorella helped cadmium-poisoning victims get rid of the heavy metal at 7 times the normal rate. [1] Clinical research has also shown chlorella removed mercury from the bowels, blood and cells. Keep Your Immune System Strong With Chlorella

Chlorella has been shown to strengthen your immune system in a number of ways – from boosting immune cell numbers to increasing production of powerful immune chemicals like interferon. Says nutrition researcher, Randall Merchant, Ph. D. -The research I have been conducting at the Medical College of Virginia has convinced me that chlorella is clearly the most powerful natural food you can take daily to support and enhance your immune system function.- [2]

Boost Your Brain Power With Chlorella

Your brain desperately needs B12 to stay healthy. Chlorella supplies your body with the only form of this vitamin your body can use. In fact, vegans take note, it is one of the few plant sources on the planet of this active form of B12. Clinical research has also shown chlorella helps seniors boost their recall.

Keep Your Heart Pumping With Chlorella

Chlorella’s B12 is also essential for heart health. Vitamin B12 is linked to healthy arteries and blood cell counts. But that’s not all . . . Chlorella supports heart health on multiple fronts. It’s been linked to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and healthy blood pressure levels, too.

Say Goodbye To Aches And Pains With Chlorella

In a clinical study involving women suffering from steady morning stiffness and achiness, chlorella helped reduce intensity by 22%. Says study participant, E. Van Rooyen: -I’m able to take really good walks now and I’m traveling better. I’m also not nearly as forgetful as I used to be. I’m sleeping somewhat better and I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to improve daily.-

Sources: [1] Chlorella, Natural Medicinal Algae by Dr. David Steenblock, p. 20 referencing -Effect of chlorella on fecal and urinary excretion in -Itai-Itai-,’ Japan Jrnl of Hyg. 1975, 30(10): pp. 77. [2] Drucker, Mark. Chlorella: The Key To health, Vitality and Longevity. Health and Happiness Publishing. 2002 Greenville, SC. p. 13.

Want to find out 10 more ways chlorella can keep you healthy? Go to to discover them.

About Dr. Michael E Rosenbaum, MD Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum is a 35-year veteran and widely recognized pioneer in the field of nutritional medicine, alternative healthcare and medical acupuncture. As one of America’s most respected experts in natural health and healing, Dr. Rosenbaum has been a frequent lecturer to professional medical groups and has participated in numerous television and radio talk shows. He is also an esteemed member of the Sun Chlorella Advisory Board, which helps guide the medical innovation behind Sun Chlorella products.

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Tips For A Healthy Heart

How to reduce your risk for Heart Disease the Natural Way

Are you one of the millions of people that is suffering from heart disease or even worse? Have already experienced a heart attack.

These days its difficult not to meet someone who is either suffering from heart disease, has had a heart attack or has been told they are at risk for heart disease. Its just about as common as meeting someone with brown hair. Unfortunately, the media and even many well-meaning doctors are completely misinformed on how to tackle this growing epidemic. Its the number one killer in the US and plaguing many other countries as well.

What are we to do?

The best plan of attack is to combat the risk factors the best we can.

Use the following 5 tips to get you started on a heart healthy plan:

1. Drop the smokes. Yes, smoking has been shown to be one of the biggest risk factors in heart disease, mainly because of all the toxic chemicals added to cigarettes (not that Im recommending tobacco or anything.)

2. Walk, walk, walk. If finding time for a structured exercise program is just too much of a challenge right now, just start by walking. I have known many people who have strengthened their heart and reversed severe conditions by getting outside and walking. If you can, find a scenic route. Theres nothing more calming than the outdoors. (I highly recommend whistling and singing while you walk. It makes for happy thoughts.)

3. Calm down. By this I mean, dont stress about the stuff you dont have to. This is actually a very funny statement coming from me who used to stress about everything! Deadlines, laundry, work, family you name it, I stressed about. Not until I realized that this would kill me no matter how healthy my food was did I drop the stress and pick up the laughter. Right now as I write this newsletter, Ive got more things that need to get done today than are humanly possible. My reaction Haha..better put my Superwoman shirt on

4. Do not and I repeat, do not go on a low-fat diet. Your heart condition may get worse in your attempts. Drop the bad fats (like hydrogenated oil and the nasty oil in French fries and donuts) and start eating more healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, walnuts and whole organic eggs.

5. Do not be afraid to eat saturated fat. If read The Truth About Saturated Fat in The Diet Solution Program you know that eating saturated fats is not what is causing people to get heart disease. It is processed foods, sugars and an overabundance of refined carbohydrates that is making this country so sick. The whole saturated fats topic gets me so fired up, I even made a video to further inform you.

Even tackling each one of these tips one at a time will get you closer to a healthy heart and a lifetime of good health.

Learn how to take control of your own health.