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Most Common Types of Nursing Home Abuses

It is really not easy to make a decision of putting a loved one in a nursing home. But, the promises they give of a professional and caring staff members in any time of the day makes it easier. Another thing is that your loved one is going to be a place to where they are able to get the attention which they need as well as having less risk to living alone. Nursing homes actually are far from idyllic setting and nursing home abuses are becoming more rampant today. The most common type of nursing home abuse is on negligence and it is in many forms as well and this could lead to serious problems towards your loved one. What you will learn in this article are the various forms of nursing home negligence.

Gross Neglects

This is considered to be about 14% of the complaints that were filed against nursing homes and that the situation only grown worse. Different lawsuits in fact were filed over such problems.

Negligence in fact is present in various forms, but all of it actually leads to injuries that occured to nursing home residents and to some instances leading to death. The most common type of nursing home negligence actually falls to different categories such as:


The medical needs of an elderly can be neglected. Patients may in fact not get the medication that it needs or they may get the wrong medication. Failures of treating bedsores or in providing for mobility issues also fall to this category.


Social or emotional negligence also imply that nursing home staffs sometimes ignores the residents or they are sometimes being prevented on interacting with other residents. In some cases, this is also coupled with the emotional or psychological abuse.


There are so many nursing homes who actually were found guilty of neglect for providing personal hygiene towards its residents who are not capable of caring for themselves properly. This in fact includes the case of bathing to brushing their teeth as well as in doing the laundry.

Basic Needs

In some situations, nursing home negligence likewise cover the lack of providing the basic needs on all its residents. This also includes not being able to provide its residents with enough water, food or the failure in maintaining or providing a clean and sanitary place.

When you ever suspect that nursing homes are negligent towards your loved one, you should immediately call your state’s elder abuse center. The government is in fact going to assign someone who is going to interview your loved one and they will do inspections on the facility. See to it that you also call your elder abuse attorney for you to be provided with an overview on the case and tells you the options available.

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