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The Best Summer Camp Menus

A menu plan is required during summer camp. So as to create a menu plan, the budget and the number of campers influences this. Summer camp menu planning is also influenced by the type of campers. Menu planners need to know the following the number of people available to help, feeding of the staff and the campers as well and the kind of cooking gear and storage facilities present before laying down their menu plan. In terms of knowing the number of people available to help, the staff might assist during meal preparation but not actual cooking. Not only do the campers need to be considered during feeding at summer camp but also the staff that take part in food preparation.

The type of campers whether children or adults requires the stock to be in plenty as adults consume a large quantity of food as compared to children. In terms of the cooking gear and storage facilities, it is required of the cooking gear to handle the demands of the menu while the storage facilities need to store supplies during the whole summer camp period. Various cooking gears can handle the various types of dishes. The menu plan created should encompass nutrition and variety. Nutrients drawn from the various foods shows a great deal of variety about nutrition.

Most kids are pleased from eating or snacking on a salad bar which offers both variety in relation to necessary nutrients. The salad bar encompasses both fruits and vegetables that have great range of nutrients resulted. Desserts may also be incorporated in the menu in order to lure kids to eat their vegetables as they are picky eaters and most generally don’t like vegetables. Purchases and necessary resources are required to be acquired early on before the camping season starts. The menu planning process also caters for people on special diets. Some camping food menus contain complete ready to go food packages that require little or no preparation.

When finding the best summer camp there are several tips that are put into consideration. Expectations need to be set to find the right summer camp. An individual can ask simple questions to the potential camp and evaluate whether they meet the target or not. Art, academic, traditional, adventure, special needs and athletics are the types of genre that individuals choose from in the process of finding the right summer camp.

Athletic camps as a type of genre is mainly for sporty kids who are looking to learn new skills during the summer period. Summer time is the best moment for individuals to explore their artistic side in art camps. When individuals go to art camps they can focus in various areas.

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