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The Importance of Mindfulness in Education

Stress, as a matter of fact is an important part of life and as a fact, not all stress is bad as there is the healthy part of life even in the early stages of life. Everybody in life needs some challenge of some kind, both children and adults alike, in order to be spurred to develop and grow in life.

This be as it is, the modern education system has seen the healthy stress displaced and its place taken by toxic stress. Toxic stress basically occurs when the demands that we face in life get to consistently outplace the ability we have to cope with the demands. Here are some of the impacts that toxic stress has on the various people groups involved in education.

What we will take a look at first is the impact that toxic stress has on the students. Toxic stress will actually have an impact on the attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep and preparedness for learning in quite a number of classrooms. It gets to be even more troubling when you look at it from the perspective that such prolonged exposure to toxic stress will have such an impact on the child’s mental and physical health.

Toxic stresses as well will have their toll on educators. On these, the effects start out as decreased productivity and creativity going into their duties, and will by and by escalate to the more serious issues such as frequent feelings of anxiety, dissociation frustrations and these finally bear their fullness in a complete burnout. By far and large, this has been seen to be one of the major reasons why many have walked out of the teaching profession.

Still on the groups affected by toxic stress, it has been equivocally affirmed that this has as well an impact on parents. Thanks to the toxic stress factor, a number of parents have as such resulted to quite a number of parents developing rather poor parenting skills and habits and don’t really bring up their children as effectively by having such an emphatic and present centered approach.

By and large, a number of these problems that we happen to face can be easily sorted by adopting mindfulness and having this in education. Mindfulness education is such an ideal solution for a number of these problems, in fact all, for the fact that it is the kind of approach that actually goes way into the root cause of the problem, far beyond the conceptual mind to tackle the problem directly. The need for such kind of an approach is in the fact that the roots of toxic stress actually lie in the nervous system. Mindfulness actually develops from the point where we start being as aware of the thoughts that we have, emotions, sensations and the environment around us.

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