Nutrition Value Of Dokudami – Offering You A Healthy Body

When it comes to the nutrition value of dokudami, it is first important to know where the plant comes from. You can find this herb in Asian countries such as Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China. Since this plant is a perennial you can count on this herb to grow and even bloom during all seasons of the year. The interesting attribute about this specific plant is that it has a fishy smell when you rub on the leaves. It grows quickly as well as in dark and moist areas. Since this plant has a strong scent, there are many medical records from the early history of Asia that speak of this fish smelling plant.

Since the name of this plant, dokudami has the meaning of ‘poison blocking plant’ many have looked to it for medical needs. Within the country of Japan, this is one of the most popular herbs used for medicinal and many other nutritional purposes. To receive the most nutrition value of dokudami, it can be used dried or fresh. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is dried state, using it in tea is the most common. To get the most benefit from the herb while it is fresh, there are many more applications. Fresh dokudami can be put into warm bath water, directly eaten and rubbed on the skin. When in the fresh state, this herb can also be used as a garnish for a meal.

If you are looking for dokudami while in an Asian country, there will be some distinct characteristics you will find. The leaves of this herb are shaped like a heart. Normally the leaves will be anywhere from two to four inches long and one to four inches wide. This is a strong plant that can grow in low light as well as in the water. The plant will be around ten to forty inches tall. You can find beautiful yellow and green flowers on the dokudami plant and the stems will be white in color.

The Nutrition value of dokudami plants can truly help with many different medicinal needs. It can remove toxins from your body, help with allergies and asthma and be an anti-inflammatory as well as give the immune system support and fight off bacteria. When you use a natural herbal remedy such as dokudami, you will be helping your body become healthier. Healthiness is brought about through a thorough cleansing.